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Angraecoids – Angraecums and related species are mostly white blooming orchids with night fragrances. They are moderate light-requiring plants with blooms lasting 3-6 weeks. Pollinated by moths in nature, their beautiful perfumes are strong after dark. Quite a few of our angraecums came from Lauralyn Orchids. Before Mary Anderson died, she made arrangements for us to keep her angraecoids growing. Our angraecum slide talk has been very popular with orchid societies and groups and we are in the process of revamping a PowerPoint presentation.

When an orchid hybrid is judged and/or graded, it is considered higher in value when it is an improvement over the parents. Angraecum Lemforde White Beauty hybrid is an excellent example of this improvement. Parents are Angr. magdalene and Angr. sesquipedale.


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