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Orchidae: At Carolina Orchids, we do not mass-produce orchids. The greenhouses contain our collection, i.e. several different clones of a particular orchid rather than hundreds of plants of limited species or clones.

The majority of orchid plants in this collection are for sale, not red-tagged. Example: As a rothschildianum hybrid, there are numerous Paph. St. Swithin plants available. Not only are several sizes available, several different St. Swithin clones are available. Listing all sizes and clones at Carolina Orchids is impossible.  When you are interested in a particular orchid, call, write or email us to ask about it. The best thing to do is call, arrange to come to the greenhouse, and look for yourself. We are open seven (7) days a week unless we are visiting an orchid show or traveling. We ask that you call first to visit Carolina Orchids.

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